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VENUM PTS: The first workout tool developed for practitioners of martial arts

Translated into English for the original by Rendon Simon published at Dragonbleu.

After developing superior technical clothing and protective equipment, Venum now adds value to your workout routine. Discover the Power Training System. The Venum PTS is the most versatile of all of the the physical preparation tools on the market.

Venum Power Training System
Venum Power Training System

Venum wants to help you to progress and go beyond your limits. Jean Jacques Rousseau wrote, “The weaker the body, the more it commands; the stronger it is, the more it obeys.” Regardless of your discipline of choice, the mastery of a martial art or combat sport goes through technical learning and good physical preparation. It is with the aim to develop your athletic abilities (strength, endurance, speed, explosiveness, flexibility, balance) that the Venum Power Training System has been developed. Made with ModuletechTM technology, PTS offers a multitude of exercises in order to work all muscle groups, anytime, anywhere.

A gym in your gym bag

The compactness and versatility of the Power Training System lets you exercise indoors as well as outdoors, at home or on the move. Simply find an anchorage point (tree, door, porch…) that is able to support your weight, and start your workout. Once your session is complete, the PTS fits right back in your backpack.

A jam-packed, varied and customizable program

If you are just starting out or if you want to improve, whether you are looking to lose fat or develop your endurance and explosiveness, there will be a program that suits you best. The Venum Power Training System operating guide lists fifty-six exercises of varying difficulty, shown individually on video on the DVD contained in the pack. These exercises can be combined to create a training routine that will help you reach your goals.

Venum PTS
Venum PTS

All the benefits of high intensity training

All exercises are based on functional movements (push, pull, jump…) coupled with combat techniques (punch, knee, kick…), alternating phases of work (number of repetitions to run), and rest (between each series of two exercises). This is called interval training which is used in cross-training / crossfit, a workout at high intensity for short periods that enables you to develop cardiovascular endurance and resistance to effort. This type of training is known for its effectiveness to burn fat, as the exercises will draw upon reserves and therefore facilitate weight loss as part of regular practice and a balanced diet.

The first tool developed for practitioners of martial arts

Although the versatility of the PTS Venum allows its use by a wide audience, martial arts and fighting sports are the DNA of Venum. Therefore, the Power Training System has been designed to focus on the muscle groups that are mobilized during the practice of MMA, boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian jiujitsu, karate, and indeed all the martial arts.

Designed by fighters for fighters, Venum Power Training System is available at Venum.


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