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Venum Elite BJJ Gi

Venum BJJ Elite GI Rodrigo Cavaca at trainingThe Venum ‘Elite’ BJJ Gi was designed to support you in reaching your goals and achieving your full potential.

Designed in collaboration with BJJ World Champions Leandro Lo and Rodolfo Vieira, the Venum ‘Elite’ BJJ Gi offers a perfect fit thanks to its premium cut and reinforced stitching. Made with competition in mind, this gi is crafted using no excess material which prevents your opponents from latching on to an easy grip.

Built with a hardwearing 500 GSM Gold Weave, the Venum ‘Elite’ BJJ Gi is extremely durable allowing you to train and compete time and time again without losing performance. Fabricated from pre-shrunk cotton, this Venum BJJ Gi will remain at its present size.

The jacket features a sublimated neck inner with polyester fabric for unparalleled comfort and better moisture management, keeping you looking and feeling cool.

The pants, like the collar, benefit from Rip-stop fabric making them resistant to tearing and ripping. All the stress points of the gi have been reinforced for a durable and high-yield user experience.

Take your game to the elite level using Venum’s Elite BJJ Gi.

Additional features :

  • Top of the line BJJ gi perfect for beginners to advanced practicioners
  • Ideal for daily training or competition. This gi is durable yet offers a high performance feel
  • Available in 3 colors to match your style and needs

Product features:

Venum BJJ Elite GI Gold weave cotton jacket

Venum BJJ Elite GI Rodrigo ripstop construction

Venum BJJ Elite GI Rodrigo stylish design

Venum BJJ Elite GI Rodrigo Cavaca at training drawstring design

Gold weave cotton

Made of a hardwearing 500 GSM Gold Weave, this jacket is extremely durable to last through vigorous competition.

Ripstop construction

The pants and collar of the Venum Elite BJJ gi are made from ripstop fabric, preventing tearing and ripping.

Stylish design

The Venum Elite BJJ gi features embroidered logos and woven patches creating a gi that is both functional and stylish.

Drawstring bag

All of the Elite series BJJ gis come with a lightweight drawstring bag to help carry all your training essentials.

Size guide :

Venum BJJ Elite GI Rodrigo Cavaca size guide
Venum BJJ Elite GI Rodrigo Cavaca size guide

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Contender series Challenger 2.0 series Elite series Absolute 2.0 series Women’s Challenger 2.0 series Kid’s Challenger 2.0 series


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