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Underground fighting at Mayweather Boxing Gym

Las Vegas MAYWEATHER Boxing Club
Las Vegas MAYWEATHER Boxing Club

Floyd Mayweather regularly organizes fights in his club. Rechristening it the ‘Dog House’.

Mayweather is the #1 Boxer in the world. Currently at 46 fights undefeated. Come May 2nd, he faces Manny Macquiao which just might prove to be one of his biggest fights in history.

The American boxer is not only known for never having faced defeat but also his very luxurious lifestyle. A lifestyle where boundaries have not always applied (or been enforced). This is especially true in his Las Vegas boxing club, MAYWEATHER BOXING GYM. This world-renowned boxing club is at the heart of the Mayweather family. Courses held by Roger Mayweather (Floyd’s father) and CorneliusBozaEdwards, both former pro boxers.

Having huge admiration from all over the globe, amateur boxers flock to this gym with only one thing in mind: to be noticed, to gain respect and to impress the star.

Floyd Mayweather is not known to do things half-heartedly. Mayweather takes pleasure in staging seriously hard fighting bouts of amateur boxing, sometimes stretching the limits of what is legal in the boxing world.

Underground fighting at Mayweather Boxing Gym, Mayweather the matchmaker, coach, organizer and referee. These fights have no limits, only ending when there is one man left standing, even if the fight lasts 30 minutes.

A short documentary on the ‘dog house‘ below.

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