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The #1 pound for pound fighter in the UFC, José “Scarface” Aldo is getting close to the biggest fight of his life. The much anticipated bout between José Aldo and Conor McGregor is set to take place as the main event at UFC 189 in July.

Having had his hand raised 9 times previously, the reigning UFC featherweight champion Aldo is as calm as ever before, despite McGregor expected to be the champion’s toughest opponent since joining the UFC.


The Brazilian’s calm temperament was not the reason he acquired his nickname “Scarface”, as Tony Montana, the famous Cuban gangsta played by Al Pacino has more in common with José than you may first think. Although comparing a world class mixed martial artist to a fictional thug is probably a little farfetched, there are some spooky similarities.

To boast about humble beginnings would sound like a broken record in the world of sport, especially in fighting, but there is a definite difference in being poor and have nothing but a beating heart to your name.  When Tony arrived in Miami and Aldo arrived in Rio, both were moneyless, without contacts and certainly without fame – but what they did both have was a willingness to conquer. Regardless of which was worse, a refugee camp or a favela, these two men had an impossible beginning to their lives.


Mixed Martial Arts and it’s popularity has snowballed in the last decade, 10 years ago many talented fighters were forced to quit due to the lack of resources to train and make a living, just as Scarface wasn’t born an immediate classic. Scarface released in the early 80s was considered extremely violet, brutal and bloody… much the same as the masses viewed MMA.

Tony Montana used the F word over 200 times in the movie Scarface, Aldo doesn’t share the same potty mouth to make an impression, instead brutal leg kicks and relentless trikes within the octagon, Aldo has also lived a life so close to crime, kept his head above water and is now so close to maximum glory.

It is impossible to know the outcome of this fight. McGregor is as tough as you can get, what we do know is Aldo is not scared for this battle, a battle he truly believes will have a different outcome to Tony’s…






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