Samy Sana

Boxing, Muay Thaï


Samy Sana was born in late 1988 in the 12th district of Paris. Growing up in a family of 7, Samy has had a passion for the sport of Muay Thai from the age of 13. His first bout and win were at the age of 15, through a vicious first round knockout. Joining Muay Thai Phenix he went on to win numerous national and international titles.

Samy Sana is one of the top flight Muay Thai practitioners at 70 kilos. Sana’s prowess is in the Muay Bouk style of Muay Thai, prioritizing slightly pure brute force and violent blows over the sports technical side.  He has a very aggressive and assertive boxing style which can be described as aesthetic, varied and unpredictable.

His notable achievements to date:

  • 2013 Tournament Champion Tournament Wicked One -71 kg 4 .
  • 2013 World Champion Muay Thai A1 Middleweight 5
  • 2013 Semi finalist tournament Glory -70 kg category
  • 2012 France Champion Muay Thai -71 kg
  • 2011 France Champion Muay Thai -71 kg

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