Rodolfo Vieira



Rodolfo Vieira

The Black Belt Hunter

Born into the very heart of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in the late 80’s, Rodolfo Vieira began his BJJ training at the age of 13 in Rio de Janeiro. Initially getting into the sport because he felt overweight, he began training under Arlans Maia and Bruno Souza and was awarded the BJJ Blue Belt.

With an eye on progression Rodolfo decided to make the transition to ‘Universidade Gama filho’, who later changed their name to Grappling Fight Team, to train under head coach BJJ Master Julio Cesar Pereira.

As a BJJ Brown Belt in 2009, Rodolfo broke into the international scene of Jiu Jitsu by winning the World Cup Brazilian north trials. The division was mixed Brown and Black BJJ belts, Rodolfo claiming victory over the two-time world BJJ Champion Braulio Estima. This earned him his infamous nickname of the ‘Black belt hunter’.

Injury saw the ‘Black belt hunter’ side lined for the majority of 2010, in 2011 Rodolfo found his stride and was a well-established Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt amongst the competitive Jiu Jitsu scene.

  • Winning both his weight and the open weight division in the Brazilian trials of the World Pro Jiu Jitsu Cup.
  • Placing first in the Abu Dhabi finals, Pan American and World championships in his weight and Absolute weight divisions.

Rodolfo is highly regarded for his guard passing skills. Over the years Rodolfo has displayed a diverse set of skills, incredible cardio and unrivalled strength. Marcus Almedia his main rival and considered one of the sport’s most exciting match ups.

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