Raphael Llodra

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Raphael Llodra


Raphael Llodra is a French Muay Thai Fighter born on 29 July 1992.

Since he was young, Raphael is obsessed by competition and always looking for the 1st place or the final victory.

Raphael begun his sports initiation at high school with running distinguishing himself from competitors by an intensity without equal at training
Raphael decided to enter in the Martial Arts sphere with Judo. But not seduced by the Dojo atmosphere – too calm for him – Raphael finally chose to pull his first pair of Boxing Gloves at 16 years old.

Raphael made his first class at the Mahmoudi Muay Thai Gym, where Mamar and Nordine – the two head coaches of the Mahmoudi Gym – patiently learned him all our Boxing knowlegde. True Boxing workhorse Raphael began the competition by winin his first fights in class D and switched directly to class B where he won the FDMA France Championship in 2011.

Then followed two trips to Thailand, between 2011 and 2012, a little more than seven months in all, which brought him to train at Rawai Muay Thai Camp.
In Thailand, Raphael completed his Muay Thai arsenal and techniques with Thai Training methods and acquired a lot of experience, ease and maturity.

Raphael Llodra Boxing Titles:

  • 2013 IKSA World Muay Thai Champion (73kg)
  • 2013 WBC World Muay Thai Middleweight Champion (72.5kg)
  • 2013 WMC Muay Thai Intercontinental Champion (72kg)
  • 2011 FDMA French Muay Thai Champion Class B (75kg)

Strong punches, sharp knees and elbows Raphael has also a well shaped head with a strong determination.

Venum is proud to have Raphael in the Venum Boxing Team and we are convinced that we will make great things together in order to improve Venum Boxing Range.

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