Mehdi Zatout

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Mehdi Zatout

Mehdi Zatout is a French Muay Thai Kickboxer, born and raised in a suburb of Paris in the early 80s. He began his Martial Arts career at the ripe age of 10 years old.

Training first at the A.S. Drancy Boxing Gym until the demise of his trainer, Zatout joined next and trained at 2 Boxing Gylins the KC Boxing Gym and the Noisy Le Sec’s Gym (both Paris based gyms) under his coach Abdel Bedour. Zatout boasts an overall skillset in the art of Muay Thai, achieving countless knockouts through liver and head kicks. A path marked by the reknowed French Muay Thai School and punctuated by several Muay Thay study trips in the Kingdom of Thailand where Mehdi faced some of the best Nak Muay as Super Boy, Tony Gym, Tawannek, Rit Kaewsamrit …

Having achieved multiple victories overseas to Thai based fighters, Zatout has also gained gold in the French championships in Kickboxing, but generally preferring the rules of Muay Thai bouts. As young as 12, Zatout participated in competitions in Thailand – holding over 50 fights in Muay Thai’s country of origin.

Holding a professional record of 59 wins and 5 losses, all of which in Thailand, Zatout is a formidable force in the Muay Thai and Kickboxing World with for example, the WBC World Title green belt.

His style of boxing is a ‘fimeu’ or technician. He has achieved 24 of his wins by knock out in his 62 and 65kg category.

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