Kenji Grillon




Kenji Grillon


Kenji Grillon – ‘Tiken’ (from the Caribbean, meaning little Kenji) was born in late 1989. A French Karateka holding 1st Dan in Karate.

In 2005 Kenji joined the French national youth Karate team and in the same year proved himself with international success.

Twice World champion and European champion in Kumite, Kenji has so far had an incredible career in the 84kg category. His dedication and commitment has shown for over a decade, not only through his recognised success but through training, diet and physical preparation.

Notable recent success:

  • 2013 Gold Medal at the World Combat Games of Sport Accord in St. Petersburg
  • 2013 European champion in Budapest / Hungary
  • 2012 World Champion with the French team
  • 2012 world champion in Paris until 84 kg
  • 2012 European Championship to 84 kg 3rd Place

Kenji has been a pioneer to get Karate in the Olympics. Training with Team Venum and Venum products. Check the Venum Store for further info on Venum Karate range.

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