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Gegard Mousasi

The Dreamcatcher

Gegard Mousasi  born in Tehran, Iran, is a Dutch MMA and Kickboxing athlete currently ranked #7 in the UFC Middleweight Rankings.

Living in Tehran up until the age of 4, in the midst of the Iran-Iraq War, Mousasi’s family relocated to the Netherlands. Beginning Martial Arts from a very young age, initially Judo, Mousasi became a Dutch amateur Boxing Champion at the age of 15 with an astonishing record of 12-1. This love of combat sports progressed to Kickboxing and then Mixed Martial Arts. Mousasi is a 1st dan Black Belt in Judo.

Breaking into the MMA scene in 2006, Mousasi has competed in various promotions against a number of great combatants. Notably gaining momentum in the Pride, Dream, Strikeforce and UFC promotions.

Achieving Dream Middleweight and Light Heavyweight Championship titles, a Light heavyweight Strikeforce Championship title and securing two UFC performances of the night (notably against Dan Henderson in early 2015), Mousasi proved to be a force to be reckoned with.

Our very own Venum Fighter Lyoto Machida and Gegard Mousasi faced off in February 2014 in an explosive bout earning the pair Fight of the Night at UFC Fight Night 36.

Joining the ranks at Venum MMA Team, not only is Gegard Mousasi helping the Venum Ream develop new training and competitive equipment, he also prepares for his next fight against Costas Philippou.

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