Antonio Diaz




Antonio José Diaz Fernández.

Antonio Diaz

Antonio Diaz born in Venezuela in the early 80s, has been dominating the sport of Karate in the Kata division. Diaz is a Shito-Ryu practitioner, a style learnt from Shoko Sato, the first Japanese sensei to set foot in Venezuela.

Diaz started Karate in 1985, initially mimicking his father before ever stepping into a Dojo – watching his father, copying him when he trained Karate in the evening after work. His father, started teaching Diaz some of the Karate basics, how to punch and kick.

His father decided to put Diaz in a Dojo to train under a real sensei – his first sensei was a Shotokan practitioner. Training Karate with him for 5 months, the sensei then moved away and Diaz began his real training under Shoko Sat in the style of Shito-ryu.

He began competing when he was 9 years old, four years later. Encouraged by both parents who were also Karateka, Diaz lost the majority of his early competitions and many believed he had no real talent. His love and dedication to the sport of Karate, the dojo and Karateka began to earn Diaz competition wins. At the age of thirteen, Diaz won his first Pan American Championship in the Kumite division. The following 4 years Diaz would compete and win mostly in the Kumite division.

He has an incredible record of achievement, winning Karate competitions all over the world.

Diaz joined the Venum Karate Team early this year and has helped us develop and perfect our Venum Karategis (Karate Kimonos), wearing them for training and competing.

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