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Anissa Meksen

Anissa Meksen was born in the late 80s in Nancy, France. From an incredibly young age Anissa was drawn to the World of Combat Sports, practicing Judo, Karate and Jiu-Jitsu. Being introduced to Boxing at the age of 12 by her brother, she trained alongside him and her real heart for the sport emerged.

Her first bout was at a local French club at the age of 12. The club Vandopérien saw Anissa train with them for four years. As a young lady she trained and competed at OFP Pompey. At the age of 18 she combined her love of sport with education.

Anissa is an incredibly well decorated Boxing Athlete. She has won the France championships every year from 2002 through 2013, earning the title eleven times. Truly the Boxing Champion of France. She has won the Boxing World Championships 4 times and has also won the European Championships.

Late 2013 saw Anissa leave her camp and compete in Thailand World Championships, which she won and gained global respect for the true force she is in the Boxing and Muay Thai World.

In April 2015 Anissa faught Eva Maria at Enfusion. Coming out unanimously victorious, Meksen having only lost 3 bouts out of over 80, Anissa has ranked World No.1 by the International Federation of Savate (FIS).

Anissa has graduated with masters in sports education, she is a qualified boxing trainer and sports coach.

We are proud to have this prolific French Ahlete among our ranks helping us to develop Venum Boxing Gear and Venum Female Range, 2015 will be another great year for the Boxing Champion Anissa Meksen alongside Venum Boxing Team.

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