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Phenom Anissa Meksen has one goal in mind: “Be the best. I will stop at nothing”

Venum Muay Thai Team fighter Anissa Meksen
Venum Muay Thai Team fighter Anissa Meksen

Venum Muay Thai Team member Anissa Meksen is one of the hottest up and coming fighters of this generation. She just won the opening round of a tournament in China’s Kunlun Fights which will see her compete twice more towards the title.

This imposing athlete has almost 100 professional matches behind her. Meksen is driven to compete and martial arts has shaped her entire life. Right after her victory in China’s exploding promotion Kunlun Fights, Venum talked with Anissa about what makes her tick.


Venum: Before the fight, what was your opinion of your opponent?

Meksen: I didn’t really know my opponent. I had seen any video of her. However I was told that the Chinese fighters have a good English and they are solid.

Venum: During the fight, was there a moment you were hurt, or when something she did surprised you?

Meksen: She surprised me in the first round. I was surprised by a right and I had to move around to stay lucid.

Venum: How do you feel about coming back to win?

Meksen: I felt a lot of satisfaction in my victory. I won in China against a Chinese arriving two days before the fight after 16 hours of flight with a 6 hour time difference. So I was proud because the conditions were not optimal.

Venum: Do you know who you will face in the next round of the tournament?

Meksen: No I do not know yet. The second part of the 4-woman tournament will take place in August. I would therefore have knowledge of my opponent at this time

Venum: Why and when did you begin martial arts?

Meksen: I have always loved combat sports since my youth. I started judo and Jiu-Jitsu at the age of 8 years and started boxing at the age of 12 years.

Venum: Has being a female fighter caused any difficulties in your life?

Meksen: It is not really difficult. It is true that being a fighting woman doesn’t gain a lot of fame because it is difficult to live our passion. Because they are sports that are not widely publicized.

Venum: Who is a fighter you respect, or a role model for you?

Meksen: I don’t really have a role model who is a fighter, but there are more boxers that I appreciate. A boxer like Floyd Mayweather has it all. He’s a genius in the ring who has taken advantage of his talent and therefore generates a lot of money.

Anissa Meksen
Anissa Meksen

Venum: What is your training day like?

Meksen: I train every day about 6 times per week. My workouts last on average two hours. For me the training is the quantity of quality training. It is best to train hard and well for only two hours than not as well for a lot more.

Venum: What are your favorite techniques, and why?

Meksen: I don’t really have a preferred technique. I love the beautiful boxing that is simple! I try to do my best to adapt to my opponent rather than to impose my style.

Venum: From your past, what is your favorite fight and why?

Meksen: I would say that my best fight was the one I won against Iman Barlow in a tournament with 18 combatants with Enfusion. This wasn’t the most beautiful fight I’ve done, but I beat their champion by KO and this is why I believe that it is my best fight.

Venum: In your future, what is one opponent you would want to face, or one belt you want to fight for?

Meksen: I don’t really have an opponent I want to meet. I simply want to box the strongest to prove again and again that I am number one.

Venum: What is the biggest reason for your success?

Meksen: I’m a fierce worker. I still have the same goal in mind: be the best. I will stop at nothing, I give myself every time 200%, I surpass myself to avoid regrets. I have a team behind me that helps me a lot! A physiotherapist: Jean Luc who heals the booboos, Stéphane from Venum that helps me in planning all of my food supplements, my OGB team with my partners with which I am preparing, a team that helps me manage my image: Fun Yan and Mickael, and finally my coach and manager Benoit who plans my preparations.

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