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New TV partnership with DirecTV

Venum has finalized a new TV partnership with DirecTV for MMA based show Kingdom.

Kingdom going into it’s second season sees Frank Grillo‘s character Alvey ‘King’ Kulina run an MMA gym in Venice, California. Known as the Navy St. Gym, Venum is on board to provide the highest quality and of course authentic training gear and apparel.


The show sees Kulina guide his wayward eldest son Jay (Jonathon Tucker) whilst training and mentoring his youngest Nate. Nate played by Nick Jonas. The show’s second season is currently in production. Kingdom’s first season proved to be one of DirecTV’s most popular shows in the history of the channel.

The new TV partnership with DirecTV will see Venum release a ‘Navy St. Gym‘ line available in July 2015, including shirts, shorts, sweat pants and shirts, hats, gloves, mouth guards, gym bags and sports equipment. All available at and Amazon/selected retailers.


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