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Melvin Guillard’s rough and tumble welcome at Bellator 141

Melvin Guillard vs Brandon Girtz at Bellator 141
Melvin Guillard punches Brandon Girtz at Bellator 141 (from

At Bellator 141 on August 28, 2015 massive veteran Melvin Guillard debuted in Bellator MMA 141 against Brandon Girtz.

Melvin was given the opportunity to choose his opponent for the main event match up, and Brandon was the pick.  It proved to be indeed a tough call.  While the fight ended up going the full distance of three rounds, Melvin broke his hand early in the foray and the dominance in striking for which he is known wasn’t able to come into play.

Melvin dealt with Brandon’s takedowns and ground control in a patient manner and exhibited some nice striking exchanges, but two of the three judges observed the greater work out of Brandon.  Melvin lost the split decision in his Bellator debut.

Play by Play:

Round 1.

Melvin touched gloves. Southpaw Brandon came out with right hand punches that stunned Melvin, and he capitalized on it with a big throw. Melvin worked right back to his feet, but Brandon followed up with a double leg takedown and went to side control.

From that side control, Brandon continued to work on isolating Melvin’s right arm. Brandon stayed in side control and pressured Melvin until the halfway mark of the firsrt round, and then began to land some short knees to the body and elbows. The remainder of the round saw Brandon in control on the ground, but not hurting Melvin with anything damaging.

Round 2.

In the opening of the second round, Melvin came out with the heavy punches he is known for. Brandon ducked an onslaught and came at Melvin with a shoot and an air-catching throw. He committed to an armbar once on the ground, but Melvin was able to work out and Brandon quickly scrambled back to his feet to avoid the reversal.

Melvin took to the center of the cage and calmly looked to pick his shots. Brandon came in and Melvin almost tagged him, but Brandon landed another takedown which Melvin was able to cagewalk out of. Brandon came back with a nice right hand at the bell.

Round 3.

The third and final round saw Melvin start to get more aggressive but Brandon went right in for the punch to single leg combination that had been working so well for him. Melvin was stuck on his back with half guard and Brandon put the pressure on.

Halfway through the round, Melvin was able to recover full guard and he landed some powerful elbows. With just a minute and 30 left, Referee John McCarthy stood them up from the position, and as Brandon looked the other way, Melvin went right in with a flying knee. Melvin turned on the heat and started coming at Brandon with more big knees and punches.

In a clinch, Melvin got the throw, but unfortunately ended up on the bottom. Melvin kicked off Brandon at the ten second mark, stood, and closed the fight with another big flying knee.

Brandon Girtz defeated Melvin Guillard by Split Decision (29,27, 28-29, 29-27)

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