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Kumite Revolution Karate Gi

Kumite Revolution Karate Gi

Coming Summer 2015.

Kenji Grillon – Male Kumite World Champion. Venum Karate Athlete

As pictured above, Venum Karate athlete Kenji Grillon sporting our latest Kumite Revolution Karate Gi. Available from summer 2015, this lightweight Karate Gi will be the perfect tool for training in all aspects of Kumite.

Kumite is a form of Karate which involves training against an opponent. Using the skills learnt in Kihon and Kata. The Gi’s must be tough, durable and of high quality, but not bulky to ensure speed and dexterity.

Our new Kumite Revolution Karate Gi is the right fit for Kenji Grillon, the male Kumite World Champion, when will you try yours on?

Keep an eye on the Venum store – coming very soon!

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