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José Aldo – Ready for McGregor UFC 189 clash.

José Aldo – Ready for McGregor UFC 189 clash.

José Aldo almost through UFC 189 tour alongside his hyped up opponent Conor McGregor.

Animosity between the two featherweights sees UFC president Dana White come between the fighters mid staredown. White promising mid-tour the fighters wouldn’t lay a finger on each other.

McGregor taunting José, but the Brazilian champion (and rightful belt holder, wait until July to try take it McGregor…) showing incredible amounts of patience.


Has McGregor got the skill set to break down Aldo? Is he in José’s head?

José Aldo on a 7 fight win streak in the UFC alone.

UFC 189 coming to the MGM Grand in Las Vegas July 11th.

Latest videos of José Aldo training on our Facebook page.

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