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Jose Aldo interview


Jose Aldo interview

Venum Blog interviewed Jose Aldo on a warm Rio de Janeiro winter morning. Walking along the Botafogo streets wasn’t an easy task for the best pound for pound fighter in the world. Aldo was stopped several times by fans of all ages, some of them wanted a selfie and some wished the champ a speedy recovery, needless to say it was a barrage of support from young and old. Seeing this up close and personal cements both Aldo and MMA’s popularity in the sports birthplace. The champion talked about Conor, his fracture, women’s MMA and much more. Find the full interview below.


There has been much controversy regarding UFC 189 and your rib fracture, what would you like to say about the injury?

Jose Aldo: The fracture happened during training, a regular sparring session. A training partner threw a body kick which landed to the ribs. It instantly hurt, more so than any kick to the body I’ve taken before. A lot of people talk, but it’s really broken. It is still aligned and we had a risk of the rib coming out of its place and damage an internal organ. I am receiving  great treatment from three different doctors, private doctors away from the UFC. My medical team didn’t know if it would be possible to fight, the diagnosis was three to four weeks out, maybe even six to full fitness. I decided to take a step back in order to take three steps forwards in the future.

What are your thoughts of the UFC 189 main event?

Jose Aldo: It really depends, but it doesn’t matter. Conor winning in a tough fight would be great professionally. We could see how he would react, I personally would prefer Chad to win, he really deserves it. At the end of the day, I have to stick with my business and hope Conor wins, that being said it doesn’t matter, whoever has their hand raised I will beat in the future.

What do you think about the UFC ban on intravenous rehydration?

Jose Aldo: I think it’s bad. Whoever wants this ban would never have been through a weight cut. Any individual who gets hurt or needs hospital treatment will receive intravenous rehydration. We talked about this matter here at the gym, there are lots of studies proving its value, it’s insane saying oral is better. I will continue to do it, they may punish me but I will do it because it’s better, simple.

Dana White recently stated in an interview that you have denied a contract with UFC’s official sponsor sporting brand and decided to stick with Venum – can you give us any information on that decision?

Jose Aldo: First, let’s talk about brands. I have been using Venum gear for a long time and am very familiar with the equipment. Being part of Team Venum is an honor for me. It’s a partnership I have had for years and not one I am interested in changing.

Reebok are a sporting brand who are very new to combat sport, I have never seen their gear and know nothing about it. They offered us nickels and dimes, so we will stay with Venum, taking Venum to higher grounds because the brand deserves it.

Each upcoming fight of yours is considered the Fight of your life. First was Uriah, then Chad and Edgar, now McGregor. Do you consider that a possible bout with the Irish would be the fight of your life?

Jose Aldo: Yes, for me every single fight is the fight of my life. Once I am inside a cage I will give my absolute best – no matter who is in front of me. I am always 100%. That motivates me to train hard and respect my opponents. Each fight in front of me is the fight of my life.

You have achieved incredible things in this sport, what still motivates you to train hard? What are your goals in the future?

Jose Aldo: I have a lot of goals, there is always a new challenge coming. I intend to break every single record in MMA. This alone makes me train hard, every day.

In your legacy, from the Jiu Jitsu championships in Manaus to being the number one pound for pound fighter on the planet, when did you realize it was going to work out for you?

Jose Aldo: I only join competitions to be the best.  I have always respected everybody in this sport. Being the number one was always my goal, in Jiu Jitsu and now of course MMA. With a lot of work we are achieving this, it has to come from inside, from you. Your will and power, chasing dreams and believing you will reach the top.

What is your take on women’s MMA?

Jose Aldo: I think it’s great. I love watching women fight, I love female MMA. Top female MMA fighters get in the octagon to brawl, really hitting each other’s heads hard, pushing forwards with incredible aggression. I love it, I have always loved it. They may not be constantly thinking about tactics the entire time or trying to find distance, it’s punches to the face straight from the bell, I love that. They are very skilled fighters.

Leave a message to your fans in Brazil and worldwide that support you unconditionally.

Jose Aldo: I love all the Brazilian fans, thank you for the support, for all the message, what is happening right now is momentary, in the future I will return in full power. I will give you guys many reasons to celebrate – this is temporary, what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. To my fans worldwide I want to say thank you for the support, it is very important to us. Thank you all.


What are your thoughts on the best fighter in MMA today? Do you believe Conor McGregor has a chance to beat Brazil’s best? Here at Venum we’re honored to work alongside Jose Aldo and will continue to provide the best quality combat gear to enable him to continue to be the best.



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