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Exclusive interview with Venum Athlete – Tom Scott, World Karate Federation #1 (Male Kumite -75 Kg).

About Tom

Tom Scott was born in Richardson, Texas on January 9th, 1990. His parents Mark and Mary started Tom in Karate when he was 8 years old at the Academy of Classical Karate.  Tom chose karate over his other activities as his instructors became his friends and heroes. From the beginning Tom’s chief instructor Brody Burns not only took the necessary time, but had the patience it takes to develop the world class athlete Tom is today. Both Tom and the Academy of Classical Karate have seen years of growth and have come far from their humble beginnings. Tom is in pursuit of World and Olympic dreams he has had since starting Karate, and has enjoyed every adventure thus far. For Tom, Karate has always been a big communicator with God, and through it he looks forward to learning more on each journey.


Venum: Tom, congratulations on becoming the world #1 in the WKF Male Kumite -75 Kg division. Thank you for accepting this exclusive interview with us, we want to share this great news with all our fans and give our fans an opportunity to get to know you better and be inspired by your experience. Tell us, when did you started Karate and how did you start and what motivated you to start?

Tom: I started Karate in 1998 when I was 8 years old. I had some friends in school who were doing it and my parents were looking for a way I could build more confidence. My instructors quickly became my best friends and heros and I stuck. through the years, I would say that the sport of karate is what really grabbed my attention as I grew older.

Venum: From when you started and now a world WKF #1 ranked, how differently do you see Karate?

Tom: My joy for this life grows more and more every day. In both the sport side and in Karate as a lifestyle, the more I push myself, the more I love what I do. I try to never cease to learn and grow. Each year I accomplish something new, and each year I grow hungry to achieve more. In order to to attain something sometimes, in my head I dream.

Venum: Tell us about your journey to becoming World #1.

Tom: It is a refreshing feeling for me to be ranked #1 in the world and also feel like I am still learning, growing, and getting better each day. I am sure certain opponents might have something they want to say about this years final rankings, but when we meet in next years events, I will also have something to say about it. 2015 was such a great year for me, but I am eager to reveal my improvements in 2016.

Venum: If you have a chance to do it differently, what would you do differently and how?

Tom: I very much believe that everything that has happened makes me who I am. I have been doing this sport long enough to see painful losses pay off, maybe even years later. I am a big believer in taking my losses to heart and growing from them and not dismissing them. There have been a few though that were hard medicine to take, and I thought I’d never get over them. I was winning the 2011 Pan Am Games final 2-0 before I ended up losing it all. It hurt for a long time knowing I had it in the bag and gave it away. This year I won Gold at at the 2015 Toronto Games. It was so memorable for me that I would prefer to have things unfold the way they did 1,000 times more than to have won Gold in 2011. The story just keeps getting better and better.

Venum: Moving forward, what are your goals for the 2016 season?

Tom: I am going to win the 2016 WKF World Championships. It takes a lot to say that, and I know the risks of saying it. I know I have the skills and experience to get the job done. The field of opponents is tough, but I hope it stays that way. strong opposition makes the accomplishment worth something. I am fortunate that my career has built time for me to commit to this and train my heart out.

Venum: Outside of Karate, what do you like to do?

Tom: If I stop and think about it, when I’m not training, I spend most of my time visiting family and friends. Every weekend and sometimes during the week, I will make the half hour drive to visit my parents or my fiance’s parents. I also try and make time to be with my brother, my friends at the dojo, and my sensei and coach Brody Burns. We enjoy shooting at the range occasionally or just hanging out planning world domination. With Morgan’s law school and my new commitment to building a small business, my fiance and I do most of our weekday dates in the mornings. Since breakfast is both of our favorite meals, I love cooking with Morgan and sitting down to watch an episode of The Office or Parks and Rec.

Venum: What will you see yourself doing in 10 years?

Tom: In ten years I see myself running an elite karate facility. Brody and I are already working on the plans for what this place will look like and how we can get there and its exciting. Our school currently has a lot of momentum in the sport world, but also the karate business side of things. It is a great feeling to know that I have accounted for a part of this growth and energy in our school, and I want to continue it. Besides my business dreams, I also see myself at that time, retiring from a great athletic career. Karate is well on its way to the Olympic Games in 2020 and have no doubt that I will be there when its time.

Tom: Thank you very much!!! I am very appreciative of all that Venum does for me!

Venum: Cheers Tom for sharing and we wish you all the best for your upcoming championship season and future endeavors!





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