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Absolute bundle.

The Venum “Absolute” compression bundle was made to provides you the ultimate fighting and training experience.

Its compression fiber technology offers a locked-in feel in order to keep your muscles at the optimum temperature and accelerate your recovery time. Before, during or after your training: your only concern will be your efficiency.


Featuring rubber band and 4-way stretch fabric, the Venum “Absolute” compression T-shirt supports natural movement. The flatlock stitching were designed to follow your musculature: held, boosted your moves and your performance will be upgraded.

The Venum “Absolute” rashguard keeps your muscles feeling powerful.


The Venum “Absolute” compression T-shirt and shorts benefit from a bi-material construction that confers advanced breathability. Mesh panels has been strategically located in order to furnish ventilation where you need and wick the sweat away from the body.shorts_compression_absolute_black_red_620_02

Technical features:
– Compression fiber technology: improve blood flow to your working muscles and accelerate your recovery tishorts_compression_absolute_black_red_620_09me.
– Upper-Welded™: specific thermal-welding seamless assembly in order to deliver a soft and smooth sensation on your skin.
– High quality stitching for unmatched durability.
– Dry Tech™ technology: effective fiber-based moisture management system which allows to actively draw perspiration away.
– Bi-Material construction with strategic mesh panels providing superior ventilation.
– Rubber band for an asbolute maintain: ensure a full coverage of your body.
– 4-way fabric offering an improved adjustment and keep its shape.

Having it all means give it all. Now you know what you have to do. Absolute is not an option.

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