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Aldo vs McGregor. It’s on.

Aldo vs McGregor. It’s on.

The 11th of July draws closer, the hype round this fight has superseded Mayweather vs Pacquiao and the fighters want this bout as much as the fans. This UFC event is set to be one of the biggest pay-per-view in history. Aldo vs McGregor. It’s on.


Building up to this fight has seen an incredible world tour, unprecedented amounts of promotion and exposure to these fighters, through interviews, training sessions and fly on the wall documentaries.

We all know Conor can draw a crowd. He and ‘Money’ Mayweather have a parallel mentality when it comes to the fight business. Over 2.75 million people watched McGregor beat down Dennis Siver, more than any UFC event televised on Fox Sports 1 in the history of the channel.


A fight of this caliber comes with incredible hype, it snowballs and gains momentum – it’s what MMA fans all over the world love to get involved in. Recent news of a training injury suffered by Jose Aldo breaking out across social media saw the UFC 189 headline event in jeopardy. Aldo who is well underway in his training camp for yet another championship title defence against the Irishman, reportedly broke a rib training for the beast that is Conor McGregor. The UFC who have spent more money on the promotion of this fight than any other in history would have their prize pony’s wings clipped if the Brazilian would be unable to fight. Conor would no doubt throw a tantrum about an interim title and almost certainly no replacement featherweight bout would fit the (dollar) bill. The UFC has put out a statement after receiving official medical confirmation from a team of doctors, Aldo has no broken bones, a bruised rib and a will stronger than ever before. ‘Notorious’ McGregor poking the bear on twitter as soon as he knew the fight was still to continue.

What are your thoughts on this bout? Is this going to mirror Mayweather vs Pacquiao even further than we thought? If it’s not Manny’s  shoulder it’s Jose’s Rib? If Conor McGregor’s hand is raised at the end of this huge title shot – will he be satisfied knowing he fought a 100% fit Jose Aldo?





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